Cypress Tank Mulch 24QT

Cypress Tank Mulch 24QT

Cypress Tank Mulch 24QT

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Use Galápagos Cypress Tank-Mulch to build the ideal woodland bedding! Add enough to allow animals to burrow or to sufficiently cover the base of the terrarium. An even mix of Tank-Mulch and Tropicoco works great for amphibians, while larger humidity-loving reptiles can use 100% Cypress. Completing your tropical habitat with a thin layer of Golden or Green Sphagnum Moss will help maintain optimum humidity, making it easier to clean and care for your terrarium. Galápagos Cypress Tank-Mulch comes in an 8QT and 24QT resealable bag.

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  • High Absorbency: Controls Tropical Humidity
  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Timber By-Product
  • 100% Safe: Free from Salt Chemicals, Oils, and Parasites
  • Washed & Sieved to Remove Tiny Particles
  • 24QT Resealable Bag


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