Magnolia Leaf Litter 4QT

Magnolia Leaf Litter 4QT

Magnolia Leaf Litter 4QT

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Galápagos Natural Magnolia Leaf Litter is a natural camouflage for geckos, snakes, and amphibians. It provides shelter and security for the larger inhabitants as well as the microfauna living in bioactive vivariums. Leaf Litter is a crucial ingredient for a well-rounded bioactive vivarium because over time the Magnolia Leaves will break down to help provide organic nutrients and food for the microfauna and plants.

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  • Natural Magnolia Leaf Litter
  • Ideal for Bioactive Terrariums
  • Provides shelter and food for microfauna
  • Easy to Clean!
  • Great for amphibians, snakes, lizards, and invertebrates!
  • 6- 8 inch leaves

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