Wholesale FAQ

Q. If I don’t have a username and password, can I still place an order?

A. Placing your first order with us is easy! Simply call us at 1-805-695-2505, and we’ll walk you through it. First, our sales team will help you come up with a username and password to make future orders a snap. Then, we’ll answer any questions you have while we take your order. Finally, we’ll walk you through a short credit application and ship your order when the credit clears.

Q. Are mosses alive?

A. No, although we try to make the most lifelike preserved mosses available, Galápagos mosses have been dried and/or preserved. They are not alive, but we appreciate you asking!

Q. How long will the moss last?

A. Longevity depends on how it is handled and where it is used. Exposure to the elements such as the sun, UV light, and heat will cause color fading and shorten lifetimes of natural products.

Q. Do you mosses have chemicals?

A. Our color-enhanced and preserved mosses use preserving agents that are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for color enhancing and they are typically found in products suggested for human use.

Q. Are your products safe around pets?

A. Our products are safe for use with the recommended animals found on the bags and labels. We use a non-toxic fabric dye for any moss products that are completely harmless to animals. This dye can also be removed by soaking the moss in water but is safe regardless. If you have questions about a specific product or animal please contact us.

Q. How long does it take to ship an order?

A. We strive for a same-day shipping service. It may take us 1-2 business days to process your order before we ship. Naturally, smaller orders ship faster than large ones.

Q. What do I do if an item is out of stock?

A. If an item you ordered is out of stock, we will inform you as soon as possible when the item will be back in stock or we will suggest a similar item.

Q. Is moss a fungus?

A. Mosses and fungi are fundamentally different. A moss is a plant and perfectly safe.

What is moss? And is moss a plant?

A. Yes! Mosses are a very basic class of plant under the division Bryophyta. They are non-vascular and reproduce by their spores instead of seeds. Mosses don’t flower or even establish true roots.