Golden Mossy Cave 6in Diameter

Golden Mossy Cave 6in Diameter

Golden Mossy Cave 6in Diameter

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Galápagos Mossy Caves make the perfect hide for a variety of species. Place them in the corner of your tank, cover with moss, and mist with water to create a natural mossy place to burrow and hide. All Mossy Caves are unique additions for reptiles and amphibians that help enhance their natural terrariums while providing shelter and enrichment.  They are available in 4 in & 6 in sizes, as well as green and golden sphagnum moss colors to match your pet’s environment.

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  • Excellent corner hides!
  • Long-Lasting – Holds up to humidity & UV light
  • Ideal for forest and woodland reptiles & amphibians
  • Hang to create an arboreal hide!
  • Available in 4 in & 6 in sizes
  • 6 in Diameter

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