Staghorn Wood™ 19-24 in

Staghorn Wood™ 19-24 in

Staghorn Wood™ 19-24 in

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Galápagos Staghorn Wood™ is versatile and extremely popular with reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fish, and birds. Combine with mosses to create beautiful trees or flip it upside down to create a stunning “mangrove” root system in your aquarium. This natural wood provides enrichment and texture to aid in exercise, shedding in reptiles, and mental stimulation for variety of species. Ideal for reptiles, freshwater fish, birds and adventurous animals that like canopy access.

For Aquariums: We recommend presoaking natural woods in a separate tub of water and changing the water daily. This can be done for up to two weeks and will help remove excess tannins, a non-toxic organic substance, that can dye your tank water a tea color. Use a clean brush to remove any extra debris and consider boiling the wood for one hour to sterilize before adding to your aquarium.

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  • Natural Manzanita Root
  • Great for all terrariums, freshwater fish, and birds!
  • Attach mosses and plants to create a stunning tree
  • Provides mental stimulation and texture aids in shedding
  • Height provides a great basking spot for many reptiles
  • 19-24 in

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