Deep Sea Blue Sea Glass 4 lbs

Deep Sea Blue Sea Glass 4 lbs

Deep Sea Blue Sea Glass 4 lbs

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Galápagos Aquarium Sea Glass makes freshwater, saltwater, and terrarium environments extraordinary! Decorate with sinking driftwood or coral in a balanced location as a framework for the composition of the tank. Add sea glass around plants in freshwater tanks, making sure the plants are secure and will not float. Use in terrarium to accent décor or create a “water” looks with blues, greens and whites. Sea Glass comes in a variety of colors to match any aquarium or terrarium aesthetic.

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  • Unique freshwater and saltwater substrate
  • Tumbled to ensure edges are not sharp
  • Washed and cleaned to remove dust and small particles
  • Mix and match to personalize
  • Available in a variety of colors!
  • 4 lb bag

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