Golden Sphagnum Moss Mini Bag

Golden Sphagnum Moss Mini Bag

Golden Sphagnum Moss Mini Bag

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Galápagos 5-Star Golden Sphagnum is soft and fluffy golden moss that holds 20-times its dry weight in moisture. Its inherent fungicidal properties also help fight odors, fungal growth, and mite infestation in your terrarium. Use as a snake bedding or as a moist habitat for amphibians. Combine with other substrates to create the ideal humidity levels for tropical or wetland terrariums. It is the perfect substrate for frogs, tropical snakes, toads, invertebrates, and similar tropical and temperate species. Terrarium Golden Sphagnum Moss comes in a mini bag and 1/3 pound compressed bag.

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  • Long-Lasting: Long-Fiber, 5-Star Grade Sphagnum Moss
  • High Absorbency: Controls Tropical & Wetland Humidity
  • 100% Safe: Free from Salt Chemicals, Oils, and Parasites
  • Ideal for amphibians and similar high humidity species
  • 150 cu in

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